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About Nancy

Nancy Gause Milliken,
Columbiana County Auditor

Facts about your County Auditor

Nancy is a lifelong resident of Columbiana County and is married to Gary Milliken, who like Nancy is a lifelong resident of our county. Nancy and Gary have three daughters and six grandchildren.

2000 - Present - Columbiana County Auditor.
1991 - 2000 - Head Bookkeeper for the Columbiana County Auditor
1990 - 1991 - Clerical Supervisor for the Columbiana County Mental Health Center.
1984 - 1989 - Columbiana County Board of Commissioners serving one year as the Board’s Clerk.

         Graduated United High School
         Attended Canton Business College
         Completed GAAP System Seminar for County Auditors, provided by Auditor of State
         Completed STRS Ohio Payroll and Defined Contribution Plan in 2001
         Completed Accounting and Auditing Update Seminar provided by Auditor of State.
         Completed the Local Government Finance Summit in 1995 provided by Auditor of State
         Continuing education classes and attends Auditor’s Conferences

         Member of the Columbiana County Board of Revisions
         Member of the Columbiana County Microfilming Board
         Member of the Columbiana County Records Commission
         Secretary of the Columbiana County Budget Commission
         Administrator of the Columbiana County Automatic Data Processing Board.
         Member of St. Phillip Catholic Church
         Member of the Guilford Lake Civic Association
         Member of the Columbiana County Republican Club
         Member of the County Auditors’ Association of Ohio
         Member of the Columbiana County Farm Bureau
         Member of the State of Ohio Weights and Measures Association

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