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Welcome to the Columbiana County Real Estate Website

Please don't forget to buy your dog tags. Although the deadline was January 31, 2024, they are still available with a penalty added.

Nancy Milliken, Auditor

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:00

Telephone: (330) 424-9515

Fax: (330) 424-9745

105 South Market Street

Lisbon, Ohio 44432


Henry Clay, speech at Lexington May 16, 1829

Auditor's Sale List

CAUV Requirements

Property Transfers

The Columbiana County Auditor's Office is firmly committed to being servants to the highest possible standard, without putting the health and well-being of our staff or the public at risk.

Therefore, due to the impact of COVID-19, and in an effort to ensure the safe continuation of our services, until further notice, the Auditor's Office will be open to the public, however, only permitting two people at a time inside the office space. Social distancing protocol remains at six feet apart.

Please keep in mind most documents and/or applications can be submitted by mail and/or email.

As for Dog Licenses, there are a number of options:

Option#1, of course, is sending your application via physical mail. There is a return address envelope included with the application that you received. If you don’t have one, the address is:

Columbiana County
105 S. Market Street
Lisbon, OH 44432

Option#2, and highly recommended, is that you purchase your license online at

As for Deeds and Transfers, there is an ‘inbox’ and ‘outbox’ located beside the Auditor’s door, which is also adjacent to the security station inside the courthouse. THERE IS A SIGN IN SHEET FOR DEEDS. DEEDS WILL BE PROCESSED IN THE ORDER THEY ARE SIGNED IN. The inbox will be checked continuously by our staff. All documents must be in a sealed envelope, with any payment being made by check only, and placed into the ‘In box’. When deeds are finished being processed, they will be put in the ‘Out box’, or in the attorney’s slot. You are advised to call and let one of our staff know when you are placing a deed in the “In box”.

As always, if any questions or concerns should arise, we are always available by phone at 330-424-9515.

Deeds: Ext. 1006, 1007, 1008, 1011 Vendor & Dog License: Christine-ext. 1006
CAUV/Real Estate: Office Manager - Jamie-ext. 1007
Homestead/Mobile Homes: Darlene-ext. 1011 Real Estate: Kerrie-ext. 1014
Distributions/Admin. Asst.: Paula-ext. 1016
Bookkeeping: Jen-ext. 1002 & Carolyn-ext. 1004

Emails should be sent to:

Stay safe and thank you for your cooperation!


Deeds and Other Transactions

Attorneys, Abstractors, Deed Runners:

On behalf of Columbiana County Auditor Nancy Gause Milliken, Starting Monday, 11-30-2020 we will be moving to the DTE 100 paid conveyance forms from the Ohio of Department of Taxation’s website. We ask that moving forward you use the DTE100 form. The form can be found at the following site:

The State of Ohio has requested we use their form and has placed a bar code on the conveyance form in order to help in their effort to track sales. Thank you for your attention is this matter.


Dear Property Owner,

Welcome to the Columbiana County Auditor’s website. Our site encompasses a variety of services that the Columbiana County Auditor’s Office provides to both residents and other governmental entities in Columbiana County. This site is designed to be used as a research tool for property located in Columbiana County, including improvements, value history, location and tax information. You will also find links to many other responsibilities of the County Auditor. I believe you will find this updated website very useful. I would remind you that our office is always here to assist you with any questions that you may have. As always, it is a pleasure to serve as your County Auditor.

About Nancy

Responsibilties of County Auditor

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Reporting of New Construction & Destroyed Property

Legal Disclaimer

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